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DIGI42/2 - Grasslin DIGI 42/2 Timer Module. Two Circuit | Electronic 24...

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Grasslin DIGI 42/2 Timer Module. Two Circuit | Electronic 24 hour or 7 Day Time Switch Simple Type: Timer Module

Time based control of lighting, ventilating, heating, cooling or other electrical loads in commercial and industrial applications. The Digi 42 time switches are programmable for 24-hour or 7-day schedules as well as a “8th day” or holiday schedule.

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  • 16A, SPDT switching
  • 16A, SPDT switching
  • 8th day HOLIDAY pro g r a m
  • 8th day HOLIDAY program
  • Automatic daylight time changeover
  • Automatic daylight time changeover
  • Two channel or double pole switching
  • Two channel or double pole switching


  • Battery: 2 week battery back-up
  • Connector: Screw terminal connections for up to #12AWG wire
  • General: Accuracy ± 4 minutes per year
  • General: Daylight time changeover: manual or automatic
  • General: Input Power: 4VA
  • Intervals: Shortest switch time–1 minute
  • Operating Temp.: Ambient Temperature Range –20°F to 140°F (–28°C to 60°C)
  • Switch Rating: 16A/250VAC general purpose 1000 watt tungsten @ 240V, 500 watt @ 120V, 1/2 hp @ 120VAC, 1 hp @ 240VAC, 720VA pilot duty
  • Time Format: AM/PM LCD display or 24:00 hr. military display



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